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What Is Web3 Gaming? A Complete Guide

Web3 gaming, also often denoted as web 3.0 gaming, is a form of decentralized gaming where all in-game activities get delegated away from central authorities. Simply put, players in the web3 gaming sector control decision-making, ownership, and all aspects involved in the games. Web3 gaming leverages blockchain technology to create web 3.0 games.

These games are getting global recognition from gamers as they come with new helpful additions that weren’t present in traditional games. The play-to-earn model is one of them. This write-up will delve into the world of web3 gaming to give you a complete overview of what it is all about.

Why Web3 Gaming?

Although the traditional gaming sector is worth billions and has become a darling to many over the years, it has numerous shortcomings. Web3 gaming comes to cater to these setbacks.

There are limitations when trading in-game assets. They can only be bought with fiat currencies and are only valuable in the game’s ecosystem. With web3 gaming, you can buy in-game assets with crypto and trade them on other platforms.

web3 gaming opportunities
web3 gaming opportunities

Apart from the trading limitations mentioned above, ownership of the in-game assets is another issue. With traditional gaming, players don’t have actual ownership of assets but a license for interacting with them. Whenever you change your gaming platform, all assets are lost. However, web3 gaming players have sole ownership of in-game assets and can go with them to another platform.

Moreover, in conventional gaming, all game-related information is stored in their servers, meaning game operators have absolute control over in-game data. As such, gamers get disenfranchised since their in-game digital assets are vulnerable to third-party access by hackers and scammers. Due to blockchains, this burden of centralization is absent in web3 games.

Finally, Web3 gaming has paved the way for the P2E model, where you can earn rewards after playing games. These rewards can range from in-game tokens to cryptocurrencies. In the past, most traditional games offered players the pay-to-play model, which is no longer appealing to many gamers nowadays.

Other Features of Web3 Gaming

Apart from ownership and the flexibility to trade with in-game assets, other distinctive characteristics come with web3 games. Let’s look at some of them.


Web3 games are blockchain-based, meaning they lack any point of failure, making them invulnerable to hackers. Additionally, players can only modify the gaming process if they reach a consensus in the blockchain network. There is a high level of transparency since everyone is involved in the workings of the games.

Moreover, the decentralized nature of the web3 gaming ecosystem comes with autonomous operations that ensure availability, as there is no interference from any central authorities.

Player-centric Gaming
Player-centric Gaming

Player-centric Gaming

Contrary to conventional gaming, web3 games are built according to players’ preferences. The web3 gaming ecosystem thrives when players like players in the network. Player-centric gaming benefits gamers, including monetary rewards. The P2E games are an excellent example.

Old Game Integration

Another unique feature of web3 gaming is old game integration. It entails upgrading older game versions into blockchains.

You can make decentralized games from older centralized ones. With an upgrade, web 3.0 allows you to create avatars and trade collectibles.

Negligible Downtime

As stated earlier, the web3 gaming sphere runs autonomously without interference from central authorities. This, coupled with the fact that it comes with high data storage facilities, reduces downtime and improves scalability.

Technologies Linked to Web3 Gaming

Below are some of the technologies used by web3 games.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts refer to the digital code offering promises that depend on pre-determined conditions set and agreed upon by parties on a blockchain. They are the core of the web3 gaming ecosystem. They help in defining rules that help when it comes to decision-making and voting by players on how a specific game is to be developed.

In most cases, developers in the web3 gaming sector use Remix IDE to create smart contracts. Additionally, tools like Brownie, Truffle, and Hardhat come in handy whenever local development ecosystems are needed.

Web3 dApps
Web3 dApps

Web3 dApps

Decentralized applications (dApps) are digital programs that run and exist in peer-to-peer computer networks and blockchains. The web3 gaming sector uses web3 dApps to make interactions between developers and players smooth. In addition, the decentralized applications used by web3 games support in-game asset trading and other transactions that may arise from web3 games. Unreal SDKs are used when building web3 dapps. 

Node Providers

Another highlight in the web3 gaming technology stack is node providers. They are responsible for data storage. Therefore, node providers in the web3 gaming sphere take care of the gaming information for you. 

It is worth noting that web3 node providers are an integral part of web3 gaming since all information in the game is relayed through nodes. Without them, web3 dapps and web3 libraries can’t interact with smart contracts.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets play a vital role in the web3 gaming sector, as it is the primary way games interact with blockchains. In addition, wallets hold in-game assets and collectibles, making it possible for players to trade them with each other.

XR Hardware

Extended Reality (XR) is a general term used when describing Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), and everything in between. Having the appropriate XR hardware when playing web3 games greatly enhances a gamer’s experience. Some XR hardware in web3 gaming includes high-end headsets, smart glasses, and haptic gloves.

Final Word

Simply put, web3 gaming is a fast-rising subdivision in the gaming sector that leverages blockchain technology. Compared to regular gaming, web3 gaming has a lot to offer players, from earning rewards to providing a superb user experience. With all this, it is safe to assume that web3 gaming will take the gaming sector by storm in the near future.

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