Metaverse Copywriting – the writing for a new environment

I am passionate about helping Metaverse users settle into their new environment. The Metaverse can be such a huge, unnerving space, and that is why I am interested in helping users get the best out of it.

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Metaverse copywriting for a Metaverse writer like myself is a thrilling rollercoaster of conducting research, confirming facts, and carrying out analysis that gives readers the needed information to inspire them to be a part of the Metaverse.

I have a passion for designing creative copies that help activate new users into the Metaverse and making every drop sound unique, rare, and one of a kind. As a master storyteller, I have a keen knack for conceptualizing, brainstorming, and writing compelling content quickly.

As a storyteller, I help NFT creators build backstory, worlds, and story arc. I bring art and character to life, write stories that transcend the technology to entertainment and valuable IP which can be used on a roadmap to longevity, creativity and, who knows, even Hollywood.

The goal is to demystify and simplify Web3 and NFT messaging for an inexperienced but crypto-curious audience. I approach all the NFT stories and copies emphatically, and I do so from the standpoint of the user journey and experience.


Because you are busy creating an NFT collection, play-and-earn game or building a Metaverse, my storytelling allows you to do just that. To focus on the art, tech, utility and community building at which you excel.

You have the vision, the ideas and the roadmap. But you need it writing, taken further, polished of the filth. I will take your story and make it ooze class.

Need a web3 writer? A play-to-earn story writer?

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