Whitepaper Writing that Connects, Clarifies, and Converts

Whitepapers have become the single biggest factor when a prospect is deciding about investing in a particular ICO or Project. Major investors really take their time to rip a Whitepaper report apart and cross check everything.


Investors and blockchain enthusiasts will look at your whitepaper with scrutiny, trying to identify any weaknesses, pitfalls, and areas that have been overlooked or misrepresented. Claims must be backed up, and research and projections must be accurate. It’s a minefield.

The focus of a Whitepaper is to educate and inform the target audience on the use case of your crypto project. I have written a lot of Whitepapers as well as rewriting ones made by current development teams.

Blockchain technology is a duality; scaling your project requires a well-written, deeply researched white paper. Ideally, the white paper that works for your project should be written by a technical writer with the knowledge and expertise of the project. I can boast that I am one of this space’s best whitepaper writers.

See what my previous clients are saying.


My documents are proven to attract investment. I know what investors are looking for and how to best position your project.

I combine my 5 years of experience in business and financial planning, marketing and copywriting to the creation of your white paper. I know exactly what investors want to see and my track record is proof of that fact.

Whatever stage your project is at – I’m here to assist you. I can populate your white paper from scratch or help you polish and refine existing content, offering advice and feedback on your documents along the way.

I work with my clients to ensure the whitepaper match their project vision. Every businesses is unique and I believe in putting that across in everything I provide.

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