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Play to earn games

A Comprehensive Guide to Play to Earn Games

Play to Earn games (P2E games) are blockchain-based games that offer rewards to users for playing. The games are gaining popularity and becoming more mainstream as more gamers look to monetize their hobbies. Rewards are mostly in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or a value increase in existing in-game assets owned by gamers.

Although some P2E games may require an initial investment, they are far superior to traditional pay-to-play games. With the P2E model, you can earn tokens convertible into real fiat currencies and assets. This write-up gives a comprehensive overview of play-to-earn games.

How Do Play To Earn Games Work
How Do Play To Earn Games Work

How Do Play To Earn Games Work?

Play-to-earn games are built on blockchain technology. As such, the developers leverage digital currencies, NFTs, and decentralized marketplaces to create a gaming ecosystem with unique in-built tokens. Users earn these in-game tokens that have real value outside the virtual gaming world. For instance, since many of the in-game tokens are NFTs, you can trade them for crypto, which is tradable for its fiat equivalent.

Additionally, players can incentivize each step they take in the games. Whether it’s fighting battles, taking on new missions, problem-solving, or creating new avatars. All games’ elements are in digital form, making customization easy for gamers. For example, if you feel like breeding a new creature in a specific game, you only need to mint a new token that is still tradable in the marketplace.

Since the games integrate blockchain technology, transactions on play-to-earn games are always safe and secure. Players can easily verify the ownership and authenticity of all the digital assets associated with each P2E game.

How to Verify a Play to Earn Game

The P2E model is relatively new in the gaming sector,  meaning the games may not be all glitter and profit-making. Some projects may seem promising but flop suddenly. As such, verifying legitimacy is necessary before investing in any P2E game.

Here, the primary factor is tokenomics which is typically everything relating to the in-game tokens. From their total supply, the incentive to stake or hold them, their release cycle, and other use cases. P2E games with unlimited tokens can be an excellent place to begin. Furthermore, games that reward you for staking and holding tokens can prove helpful.

Additionally, you need to conduct an extensive background check on any game before you decide to play. Other factors to look out for include the game quality, prospective earnings, play-to-earn mechanisms, and the user base. Once you’re satisfied with all the critical aspects, don’t forget to settle on a fun game.

It’s noteworthy that there is no specific way of verifying or determining the future of P2E games, especially with the volatility of crypto tokens. But it would help if you invest small amounts at the initial stages of any game; use what you can afford to lose.

Top-rated Play to Earn Games

There are numerous play-to-earn games available for gaming enthusiasts. Here are some of the top-rated games you can try.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity debuted in the P2E market in 2018. It features creatures called Axies that you can hatch, breed, and raise for battle. Each battle won in the game earns you crypto rewards. The Axie Infinity game is built on the Ethereum network and has two native tokens running its ecosystem. The Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and the Small Love potion (SLP) token.

The AXS token is an ERC-20 utility token that you get for emerging top on the many Axie Infinity seasons. On the other hand, the SLP tokens come in an unlimited supply and are awarded to you for each battle won in the Axie infinity game. In addition to gaming, Axie Infinity comes with digital land you can buy, lease, develop, and later sell to other players.

Top-rated Play to Earn Games
Top-rated Play to Earn Games


Pegaxy is short for Pegasus Galaxy, a P2E game that majors in horse racing. It comes with futuristic designs of Pega (racing horses) that are descended from the mythological Pegasus. The game allows you to participate in races in the PvP format, where you race against 14 other players.

With Pegaxy, you enter the races for free, which makes them highly competitive. Of the 15 racers, only the top three will be rewarded. The native token in this game is Vigorous (VIS). The podium finishers in each race are awarded 105 VIS, 44 VIS, and 26 VIS, respectively. Although RNG is generally responsible for determining race results, individual Pega traits may impact the end result slightly.

Plant vs. Undead

It is a post-apocalyptic themed game, where animals have become zombies and are trying to eliminate mother trees. On the other hand, plants have evolved and will do anything to protect themselves. It is a multiplayer P2E tower defense game.

The PVU tokens stored on the Binance Smart Chain are native to the game ecosystem. Additionally, an in-game digital currency known as Light Energy (LE) can be interchanged with the PVU tokens. You will be awarded LE for each stage you advance in the game.

play-to-earn games
play-to-earn games

The Sandbox

Established in 2011, the Sandbox has asserted its authority as a top-rated P2E game. It is based on the Ethereum network and provides users with numerous ways to earn. First, as a player, you can become a game creator by creating and uploading your own NFTs in the marketplace. For instance, an artist can use the VoxEdit tool on the platform to create new digital assets.

Additionally, you can purchase the virtual land in the Sandbox virtual world to lease or develop and later sell at the best opportune moment. The ER-20 SAND token runs this game’s ecosystem. It is worth noting that not everyone can create NFTs and other assets on the platform. But it may boost your chances of being selected if you apply to its creators’ fund with a detailed portfolio.

Final Word

In the simplest terms, play to earn games can be described as an emerging subdivision of gaming that allows players to participate in various microtransactions in an in-game ecosystem and earn monetizable rewards. It’s a fair assessment to term them the next big thing in the gaming industry. Besides, nothing beats earning from doing something you love.

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